Alopecia Areata is an auto immune disorder that affects the scalp. You will experience small round patches of hair loss throughout your scalp. The causes can be hormonal changes, chemical damage to the scalp and/or extreme and excessive pulling of the hair.  

TRACTION ALOPECIA:  Traction Alopecia is a scalp disorder that has occurred due to wearing tight hair styles that results in excessive pulling around the hair line. 

CENTRAL CENTRIFUGAL CICATRICAL ALOPECIA: CCCA also known as Central Centrifual Cictricial Alopecia, this scalp disorder begins at the center of the scalp in a circular shape where hair has begun to fall out and there will be pain, itchy and fungus within the area. 

ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA: Andgrogentic Alopecia is a scalp disorder that can affect men or women. This scalp disorder can be due to genetics, shrinking of follicles, and hormonal. The baldness will occur in the center of the scalp or begins in the front in a horseshoe shape for men.  

HAIR THINNING/SHEDDING: Hair thinning consist of the hair losing density over a period of time, which can be hereditary, stress, hormonal or due to improper hair care. 

Hair Shedding consist of a great deal of your hair shedding and breaking off at any giving time. The cause of this can result from, improper hair care, dehydration, chemically overprocessed hair, climate change, harsh tap water. 

SEBORRECHIC DERMATITIS: Occurs due to an increase in the sebum glands. The increase of sebum causes build up on the scalp. 

PSOARSIS: Is a common skin condition where the skin cells build up rapidly and causes the skin cells to form scales and red patches on the scalp or skin.

CHEMOTHERAPY HAIR LOSS: Chemotherapy hair loss is due to the chemicals within the chemotherapy attacking the cells within the hair follicles and causes the hair loss.

HORMONAL HAIR LOSS: Hormonal hair loss is due to an imbalance of hormones that affects the hair follicles. 

CHEMICAL and OVER PROCESSED DAMAGE: Chemical and over processed hair is due to over usage of relaxers and hair color which causes breakage, scalp scarring, damaged hair follicles and brittle hair.